Ad Age Article Touts “Jersey Shore” As the Peanut Butter of Social Media

For better or worse, social media is all about sharing and “spreadable content,” and while MTV’s controversial series “Jersey Shore” reinforces racial stereotypes and bad bronzing, it is undoubtedly the Jif of spreadability. Just ask Ilya Vedrashko, whose agency created social experiment site “Jerzify Yourself,” (complete with fist-pumping while it loads) where users simply upload a JPEG, endure a little poofing, juicing and self-degrading and voila — your Guido or Guidette alter-ego emerges ready to beat the beat and adopt the GTL lifestyle!

Vedrashko found that the site received traffic from nearly as many reshares as direct clicks, proving that with spreadability, the mouse is mightier than the sword (or in this case, the original site). So, social media leans on influential “sharers,” the mavens of Youtube, Twitter, Gawker and all those other treasure troves of always entertaining and often informative content. But what does this mean for businesses entering the social media arena — is their content equally spreadable, or does all that corporate speak and roundabout sales pitching create bumps in the road (or chunks in the peanut butter)?

We’re no “Jerzify Yourself,” but from what we’ve seen, there are two stratas in social media: the funny and the informative — and they very rarely overlap. Understand that funny often takes precedence (especially in the teens  to late 20’s demographic), but people will still come to you if you have some news to give, some expert opinions to share and maybe even something entertaining to post. Just stick to what you know works and tread lightly into what you don’t. And whatever you do, stay away from the “juice” and self-bronzer!


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