New Digs, New Inspiration

We’re happy to announce that we’ve completed our move to the Cason Building on Marion Street. So far, the location is great — there’s plenty of room and a good atmosphere. Now, all that’s left is to unpack the last of the boxes! For more information, check out our press release.

It never ceases to amaze me how new space can infuse the creative process. Please comment if you have some good examples to share! In addition to the natural reorganization of your physical surroundings, a relocation forces you to change your approach to the world. You drive to work differently. You have the chance to “start over” with a clean desk (though this has admittedly already come and passed for me). You have to work as a team to define who you are and find a functional style. You see your artwork like it’s brand new, and you explore the building and discover little treasures like a new Coke machine (it’s the simple pleasures, people). What really sent me over the edge were two red office chairs from Ikea — a fiery, textured take on the best modern, 60’s style design. Awesome.