Stolen Identities

A recent NY Times article brought to light a controversial issue with popular search engine, Google. Google is great for so many reasons, but with Google AdWords, you can sideswipe the competition by entering a competitor’s name and each time a potential client searches for your rival, Google AdWords makes it possible for your company’s name to come in above your competitor’s. A software company in Texas has filed a class action suit against Google alleging trademark infringement. With the ability to hijack a competitor’s brand, name, logo etc, companies all over are reaping the benefits of another’s hardwork. While the Google AdWords is a great idea and useful tool, many are just not using the advertising method responsibly.

The responsible professional would carve out his or her own niche in the market, and not try to cheat to infringe on someone else’s brand. Technology makes life and business easier, and who isn’t looking for an easier way to operate? However, this sort of desperate attempt is just wrong.

While it’s smart to use Google’s tools for advertising, because they are effective and relatively inexpensive, do so truthfully. The worst thing you can do to your brand is take away its credibility. In the long run, that never works. If you’re trying to be something you aren’t it only ends up biting you in the end.