Branding: Cool Business Cards Prove Creativity is the Order of the Day, Every Day

As internet surfing usually seems to yield, some exciting sites and fellow blogs came ashore. Today’s catch? What Alexander Kjerulf’s blog “Chief Happiness Officer” calls the “coolest business card ever.” A lego! Cool, indeed. What, too elementary for your sophisticated business? Not to worry, check out these babies. Granted, most of these business cards undoubtedly belong in the hands of graphic designers—oozing creativity is in the job description. But check out the dentist card with teeth marks, a testament to creative branding in a traditional field, often the ones which require the most originality to separate from the herd!

We take full advantage of this opportunity to once again stress the importance of branding your business, in everything from print materials, signage, right down to the logo itself. Creativity is a must and not always out of reach, even in times like these. A simple flair, something innovative and untraditional, shows you have the talent to think on your feet and view any situation with a fresh take. Isn’t that what we need, in our current “condition” and in any other business climate?


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