Entrepreneurship: Response to Midlands Biz Blog

At Riley Communications, we are avid readers of MidlandsBiz.com, so much so that we have come to expect the prompt 6:01 a.m. delivery of the latest Midlands Business news every morning to our Blackberries (and one iPhone) just as regularly as our morning coffee. The latest e-mail newsletter edition featured a less routine, but still enjoyable element: a new blog from creator Alan Cooper.

The blog focused on something our office is entirely based on: entrepreneurship. Our own company, as well as our office-fellow Human Resource Dynamics, began as an entrepreneurial endeavor. Among other aspects of going out on a limb with a new business, Alan points out  “44% of new startups are created by people between the ages of 18 and 34.  To me, that says that the majority of new creations are made by people over the age of 34 and that it’s never too late.” A solid truth, considering Human Resource Dynamics founder JoAnn Moss started her firm as a second career. But don’t forget the fresher entrepreneurs out there are still fierce — Riley Communications was born in this young, yet experienced brain.

No matter what age entrepreneurs may be, though, Alan insists there are two types: “the ‘caught between a rock and a hard place’ entrepreneur, and the serial entrepreneur.  The former start their own businesses out of necessity or because they never again want to put their fate in someone else’s hands. The latter do it because it is in their DNA.  They have never worked for someone else a day in their life.”

Now that we can attest to — some of the best businesses are formed in response to some of the worst. Most inspiring of all, though, is that Alan, despite his attempts to appear squeamish about branching out into a new business, is a die-hard entrepreneur. After getting fired from his own family’s business (proving that job security is a dreaded myth), Alan pushed himself out of the nest and actually flew!


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