Ode to Snuggie: Re-Inventing the Robe With Advertising

We’ve all seen it. We’ve all cursed it, ridiculed it and since forgotten it. But the infamous Snuggie commercials tell an interesting story about marketing and advertising: sometimes an entire product is “invented” on the assumption of our pliability as consumers, our inability to see through sheer marketing and our immediate buy-reaction when infomercials create a new need for us.

Not so fast, Snuggie. You didn’t fool us. Even the least savvy couch potato knows what Youtube videographers call “instructions for putting a robe on backwards” is not ingenious, not new and above all not a necessity. Your monk-like blankets scream “join the cult!” rather than “sit outside at winter sporting events and inside cold houses in style.”

But wait — these things are actually selling. And beating competitors in the same exact market. The “slanket” was the original blanket with sleeves, like the Snuggie in almost every way, except for one fatal flaw. Either the lack of persistence or persuasiveness in their advertising and marketing left their sales slumping. When products as silly as Snuggies and slankets can make it big, you know marketing and ad campaigns are truly effective, transcending both the ridiculous nature of the product and convincing consumers it is truly a must-buy. So, in truth, we have to hand it to Snuggie, a testament to the mystery of marketing!


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