Marketing Plans: A Holiday Must-Have For Any Business

Lately at Riley Communications, we’ve been churning out an average of one yearlong marketing plan per week for our newest clients. It’s starting to feel a lot like an assembly line (or maybe Santa’s workshop), with our intern doing the initial research, our public relations coordinator mapping out monthly action items and our fearless leader (me!) pouring over them and giving the final seal of approval. All this elfish labor got us thinking about all the small businesses out there without a marketing plan this Christmas, and what they have planned for the coming year.

Whether you get it from us or whip up your own, a marketing plan is your best bet for creating and maintaining a strong presence in the media and the public eye. Ours usually include an in-depth analysis of internal and external factors surrounding your company, all the things that help and hurt your business. Then, we give a month-by-month calendar of things to do: media publications to try to get involved with, related events to increase visibility and community involvement and internal improvements like web site upgrades and logo redesign. With our firm, we make your marketing plan our playbook, pursuing each action item and offering new opportunities for marketing as they spring up throughout the year. Companies can of course do this on their own, too, but be prepared for the considerable time investment a marketing plan requires.

Take it from us, developing a solid marketing plan (one you can stick by) is well worth the trouble. Though we hate to harp on it, it’s especially crucial in uncertain economic times. We can’t give away all our secrets for making and executing a successful marketing plan, but we’d love to answer questions you have about starting your own so leave a comment!


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