Dress Warm for the Winter: Bundle Up Your Marketing

If economy woes are making you shiver, consider some helpful hints for keeping your business warm during the forecasted chill. As lame ducks and new birds wait to change hands, America’s financial fate may wander but your marketing doesn’t have to. Learn how with a few quick tricks:

Freshen Up. Now’s a good a time as any to get noticed with a new twist an old logo. Or, take advantage of a low letterhead stock by revamping it before the next order to the printer.

Button Up. If business has been waning, maybe it’s time to tighten your belt and decide not to renew those costly advertising contracts. Try some holiday events to reestablish personal ties with potential clients or give back to the community. One of our clients is doing this in Darlington — they’re sponsoring a Community Thanksgiving Dinner that strengthens the community and builds rapport with existing and potential patients. And the Thanksgiving Dinner was also an excellent opportunity for press coverage.

Look Up. Or cheer up, rather. There may be a few clouds in the financial forecast, but as history indicates, things will pick up again at some point. Be sure to carry this enthusiasm into your marketing. Debbie downer press releases and company blogs may been have acceptable during the dreaded Wachovia Week or the election flurry, but now as business leaders we have to look ahead with optimism and let that shine through our marketing, as well. It really is a time to set your company apart from competitors.


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