Commentary: What Makes You a Live Blogging Authority?

The State has started live blogging South Carolina games, with up-to-the-minute play by plays and candid fan reactions. Beth Kanter of Blogher live blogs at professional conventions, taking notes on each speaker on her Mac Book and promptly publishing them. And with the recent political conventions, live bloggers took center stage as history unfolded. The live blog’s life vein is real-time (and resulting raw) real-life observation. And presumably, really exciting, groundbreaking or important action and information.

Like many other social/informational activities on the internet, though, everyone has starting do it. Moms are live blogging their children’s second school play this year or their first cookie-making experience and so on. Live blogging is the new scrapbook. That’s not to say those moments aren’t extremely important to the bloggers involved, but where do we draw the line? And who gets to deem which events are live blog worthy? And most importantly, who’s going to actually read them?

Our new role as creators of Internet socialization gives us the power to choose whose games, plays and essentially lives we follow. Unlike magazine articles or newspaper editorials, though, unlimited bandwith allows everyone their place in the Internet world—blogging and beyond.


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