New Coke Commercial: Redefining “Slimy” Advertising

I’m a little disappointed that a company known for its wholesome advertising that cements its brand worldwide has stooped to a slimy low. No, it’s not sleazy or sexy—it’s spitty. A new television ad series for Coke Zero features some wayward tongues (which speak in brutish British accents) and a lone eyeball that apparently hails from France. As the two tongues tag team a sloshing bottle of Coke Zero to lap up its calorie-reduced contents, the eyeball leaves his post on a computer monitor and pushes his spindly, bird-like, eyelash-fiber legs over to the pair. Berating them for believing the drink is regular Coke (since the tongues lack his ocular omniscience), the eye inadvertently attests to Coke Zero’s amazing ability to taste like the good stuff. The oral duo ceases their Coke enjoyment and each tongue begins bashing poor little eyeball for having no sense of taste (or the accompanying appendages to achieve it), with Coke particles sliding off their slippery silhouettes and their teeth-hooved gum-legs firmly planted.

Though many elements of this commercial don’t jive, there is one that begs the question: why? Why, of all advertising ploys, would unappetizing, slightly swollen tongues and a garish little eyeball want me want to try Coke Zero? All I can think of now when I see one is saliva and conjunctivitis. Also, how do the foreign accents contribute to the overall brand appeal? By establishing that body parts who aren’t even of the same nationality, much less the same body, can enjoy Coke Zero? That’s a quite a warped interpretation of Coca Cola’s previous advertising premise: multicultural, worldwide enjoyment of a well-established brand.

I guess Coca-Cola is trying to cash in on the craze of off-kilter, have-to-youtube-it advertising. We’ll see what this ad boosts more: web views or actual sales.


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