Q, H and Grey's Anatomy

I’ve been incommunicado for awhile. And I must admit, I’ve been spending much too much time trying to learn Audrey Hepburn’s moves from the latest Gap commercial. (A unique dance is my only hope in a scary world of skinny jeans!). But here’s a snapshot from my marketing world:

Car Crash Commercials:
AllState and Volkswagen have both taken to portraying car crashes in graphic detail. Volkswagen’s latest commercil even features a conversation discussing the annoyance level of the commercials (until the car gets sideswiped, that is). Yes, crashes happen. But not in my living room, thankyouverymuch.

Grey’s Anatomy: New York & Co. has some great direct mail pieces featuring McDreamy, and they don’t even sell men’s clothes! As if we care.

Sunset Tattoos: Finally, Columbia has a tattoo shop that’s dedicated to art! And its MySpace page is too cool for words. Check out the grand opening on Friday the 13th.

Spinach: Will it ever recover from its PR nightmare, or will it be replaced forever by arugula? Most people were still avoiding the salads at the Summit Club this week. But we may never know the culprit: fear or shrimp ‘n grits?

JCPenney: The department store will make its official entré into the Columbiana crowd with a grand opening tomorrow. And it’s great that the whole country is celebrating with sales. But I wish I got something special for coming to this one.

Canalside: I love the billboards, and the Time ads are a smart investment! Now if only I had several hundred thousand dollars to spare –

Can this buoyant chemical raise Columbia’s economy in the next 15 years? Engenuity, USC and the Innovista investors say yes! Now we just need to convince everyone else to follow suit: a true case where marketing can create an alternate reality!

Syrup: The fictional cola wars in this Maxx Barry novel are described with jewels like: “Marketing (or mktg, which is what you write when you’re taking lecture notes at two hundred words per minute) is the biggest industry in the world, and it’s invisible. It’s the planet’s largest religion, but the billion who worship it don’t know it. It’s vast, insidious and completely corrupt.”

Motorola Q: Sleek and cool, it’s the next generation of the Blackberry. And with Verizon’s EV-DO network, you can blaze through webpages at (comparatively) lightning speeds. Now, if I could just shake this Solitaire addiction and use it for work-.

Now, whatcha know good?


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